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Artist Statement

Haruko Inagaki often visited the zoo near her birthplace in her childhood.

So when she started studying and specializing painting, they’re appeared animals and zoos in her works naturally.


In the landscapes Inagaki draws, there are often  animals and children with unclouded eyes.

The world she creates is a forgotten memory of the human race. 


Inagaki would like to make a soft and kind wake-up call to the forgotten memory of audiences.


Inagaki mainly uses natural pigments(soil, shells, glass and so on).



Born in Nagoya, Japan.

1990  Graduated from Japanese painting course of Musashino Art University.

1992  Completed  Japanese painting course of Graduate School of Musashino Art University.(M.A.)

1995- Lives and works in Tokyo.

+Solo Exhibitions

1997  Galleria grafica bis, Tokyo

1999  Gallery Tomura, Tokyo

2002  Gallery Kura, Saitama

2018  Galleria grafica bis, Tokyo

+Group Exhibitions

1991-2018  "The Japan Fine Arts Exhibition"  Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum/National Art Center Tokyo

1993-2019  "The Japan Fine Arts Exhibition in Spring"  Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum/Kyoto City Museum of Art Annex

1996  "The second Expect of Beauty" Exhibition Art Gallery of Takashimaya Departmentstore in Nihonbashi Tokyo

  "1st Tokyo Japanese Painting New Selection" Exhibition Ohmishima Art Museum,Ohmishima Imabari Ehime

1997  "Yamatane Museum of Art Awards" Exhibition Yamatane Museum of Art

1998-2000  "S'30's Japanese Painting" Exhibition Tobu Departmentstore in Ikebukuro/Sogo Departmentstore in Yokohama

2000  "Magnetic Field of Expression-Current trend of Japanese Painting" Musashino Art Univ.

2001  "Modern Japanese and Foreign Painting New Selection" Exhibition Art Gallery of Takashimaya Departmentstore in Nihonbashi Tokyo

 "Peace for Peace 2001 Oh No! vengeful war" Poetic Painting Exhibition Maruki Art Museum

2001-2003  "Byo Byo" Exhibition Fujiya Gallery Tokyo

2004  "Green Leaves" Exhibition Gallery52

2005-2006  "1st Hatsu" Exhibition Art Gallery of Takashimaya Department Store

2012  "A Water Works" Gallery Kei ,Shinjuku Tokyo

2015  "13th Homage on Shigeru Aoki" Exhibition Gallery Saikousha,Urawa Saitama

2016-2018  "7th Fans and Wind Chimes" Exhibition Gyallery A Bientot,Asakusa Tokyo

2017  "Cocon" Aoi Club ,Nagoya Aichi

2018-2019  "41th Musashino Artist Association Exhibition" Kichijyoji Art Museum,Tokyo


The Museum of Fine Arts Ohmishima,Imabari Ehime


2010-2015  Guest Lecture,Kyoto College of Arts, Japan


1993,1996  Japan Fine Arts Exhibition Incentive Award

1996  Tokyo Japanese Painting New Selection Incentive Award

1998  Nissyun Award

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